Launch Strategically - Our Vision

Launch Strategically exists to help college students or first-time full-time career seekers to optimize their visibility online and thereby present themselves professionally and personally on multiple digital platforms and thus be found by potential employers.

We want students to find their way into their dream job or a new career in the most expeditious way possible. Arming students with effective tools offers confidence and clarity for their mission.

When a student finds a new job that resonates with their vision, great things transpire.

We want to be your most trusted advisor for all things career-related. We are the Launch Strategists. Students who embrace this journey are like elite athletes preparing for the Olympics. They are in the final training weeks of their journey for the Gold medal. By keeping their goals as their top priority and committing to doing the work, the foundation will be laid to a future that is theirs and only theirs.

We are as excited as our students for that victorious  “I got the Job!!!” phone call. We want to get hundreds of those calls with our Students who have Launched!