Launch Strategically Blueprint

The online program for student’s career acquisition. It’s the recipe for alleviating stress and action steps to get that job!


  • What if we could offer students a step by step process for landing their first job out of college?
  • What if we offered the solution on how to get that job?
  • What if we could transform your student into a confident job-seeking applicant?
  • What if …your student could transition from college life into their new career and bypassing the living at home and eating all your food scenario?
  • What if…After spending 10’s of thousands of dollars and 4-6 years of study your student has the skill set it takes to get that job out of college…what is that worth?
  • What if… your student doesn’t have to become overwhelmed with the job search and depressed and stressed out during the process…what pressure does that alleviate?
  • What if… you student had a peer group to turn to and an expert mentor to offer guidance and strategic ideas…wouldn’t that be ideal?


  • Students are already under a mountain of scholastic stress. The thought of adding the job search to it feels overwhelming.
  • Students have never navigated the professional job market. They have nothing to compare it to. That in itself is stressful.


In 2007 I was a founder of a local San Diego company. I was the digital media department, responsible for all the leads for the company. 95% of our business came from the traffic our website generated.

For the past 10 years in addition to my full-time digital marketing position. I have been helping college students to land a job out of college using digital media platforms. During that time I didn’t have the time to fully commit to that endeavor. Today Launch Strategically will allow me to do what I am passionate about, and what I believe is my purpose in life- To uplift and help students get to the career that is waiting for them. Past students came to understand the strengths and abilities they never knew they had. The transformation is so rewarding. It would be my honor and pleasure to work with your students and help them to …. Launch Strategically.


I have found that my system works best for these students who have an idea of the career they want to pursue or students who aren’t quite sure but are juniors or beyond in college.


  • The system is proven & structured for optimum exposure.
  • I have been helping students for 10 years navigate the job search waters. It has proven to be a huge advantage for students. 
  • My solutions are often UNIQUE.
  • I will support your student on weekly calls in the members-only website group. The weekly calls will discuss the various topics of the course and answer questions.
  • Students will have a strategic game plan to implement.
  • Most of all they will know they have a support system on their way to their destination.


When students sign up, we’ll start off with a one-on-one phone call to talk about their goals and career ideas. From there, we develop a plan to move then through the following steps in far more detail than what is presented below.

STEP 1:  Establish a Vision: In week one a series of questions and investigations will help clarify our roadmap.

STEP 2: LinkedIn Profile- It’s critical that your LinkedIn profile telegraphs who you are, what your skills are, and where you would like to be.

STEP 3: Build your Website: Your website is an extension of your resume. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to show them what you know with video, articles and images.

Step 4: Create a Facebook Group: It’s time to lead a Facebook group of peers to have discussions on topics centered around your desired career. 

Step 5:  Twitter/ Instagram/ Pinterest- These platforms are optional. If they will serve your area of expertise, then it’s worthwhile to utilize them.

Step 6:  Resume Building- Now it’s time to create the template and content for your resume.

Step 7:  Outreach to potential employers you wish to explore. Define a strategy to begin the job hunt when it is time.

Step 8: Interviewing- Learn the tactics for interviews.

There are several ways to get involved with our program.

  • Join the Online community and work at your own pace to get the work completed.
  • Work with me one on one in addition to having access to the online community. 
  • If you just need one on one coaching to refine your job search and need guidance it’s an option too. Just ask.

 Parents, want to learn more? Please book a Discovery Call with me.  On the call, I’ll get to know you and learn about your student.

At the end of our call, you will have a clear understanding of my course and I will understand your goals for your student. I will then book a call with your student to learn about where they are in the process. If the course is a match for all of us, then we can go forward and Launch Your Student Strategically!

Paycheck, the sooner loans can start being paid back, and a parent’s home is kid-free!