Are you thinking about a new job/career and need a little help with your job hunting tactics?

First or Second Time Job Seekers

Hunting for a new career or getting your first “real” job can be daunting. Where do you start? Perhaps you have friends and family giving you all sorts of advice to really confuse you. Our program is a step by step approach to get you from no job, but a job! While we can’t guarantee you will get the job, we will get you battle ready. When you follow our directions you will find success.

Hiring a Career Coach or Launch Strategist Will

● Make the whole process faster and easier.
● Take out the stress of doing it on your own.
● Get you to a paycheck faster in most cases.
● Give you the confidence you need to handle the interviews like a pro!

Career Coaching Start To Finish

Mindset: There is one position available and hundreds vying for it. It’s time to Go FOR IT in a strategic, intentional manner. No time for a half-baked effort like the others.

LinkedIn Profile: Very critical how you show up to a potential employer.

Resume Writing: The goals behind each of your resumes

Website: is where you expand what you bring to the table. It’s an extension of your LI profile. This is optional for those who are digitally inclined. “Consider a YouTube” channel, or additional web presence.

Industry Research: He who is savvy and knows the marketplace and can share that wins.

Job Search Strategy: Upon identifying the target industry and companies what more are you going to do besides send a resume?

Interviewing Coaching/Tactics: Don’t show up like everyone else, here is where you have to

Correspondence, verbal presentations, social media presence: Email, LI, and thank you notes- it matters what you say. How’s your elevator pitch and YouTube Videos? What shows up when your name is Googled?

This program offers one on one sessions and video instruction coupled with Zoom calls. You can go as fast as you like, but need to complete the course over 8 weeks.

Give us a call to learn more. In your spare time practice saying in your most excited voice,

Paycheck, the sooner loans can start being paid back, and a parent’s home is kid-free!