Launch Strategically:
How did it come about?

Ten years ago my son Dino was in college. His resume was pretty weak at the time…. Ok, really really weak! I made a deal with him. If he would work with me over his summer break following the steps I created in order to position himself to land a job out of college, he wouldn’t have to have a summer job.

His summer job would be to work towards securing his future. If he didn’t land a job he would have to move home and keep looking!  He came home but 6 weeks later he moved out and had his first job. Click here for his story. httpss://

I knew what it took to land him on page 1 of Google as I eat live and breathe digital marketing in my own career.  At the time our new company needed the phones to ring, and that was my job! 

When candidates apply for a job the interviewer will Google them. Unsurprisingly most employers do. When a student can be easily found online with an impressive website that shows their passion and expertise if their career aspirations it speaks volumes- far more than a page resume or a LinkedIn profile.

What digital platforms do we consider for the student- depending on their area of study?

  • Create an optimized LinkedIn profile
  • Create a domain with your name-
  • Create a YouTube channel, and make videos that you will upload to your website.
  • Create a Facebook group and inspire people to join.

    Why all these platforms? Because you will land yourself on page 1 when you optimize the content. When students go to great lengths to show they are invested in their career rather than a paycheck it is impressive.

    Working with college students ever since has been my way of giving back. Looking back, I think this was what I was born to do. I am committed to helping students get from no job to “I got the job!”  When students can walk boldly into the job market knowing what they want, and what they have to offer their confidence soars. It’s demoralizing for the students who don’t get the job out of college when they have to return home. It’s way more uplifting to move into that first apartment and support yourself in a job you dreamed about while in class!

    Today Launch Strategically has been formed to get students from college to the job market in a strategic manner, with far less stress and frustration doing it on their own. The sooner they can get a paycheck, the sooner loans can start being paid back, and a parent’s home is kid-free!

    Paycheck, the sooner loans can start being paid back, and a parent’s home is kid-free!