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Inspiring Stories of Career Transformation With Nana
Shelley M.

Shelley M.

Parent of 2 Former Students and Client

Nana worked with my two college graduate daughters when they needed some direction with their careers. The perspective that she offers is unlike anything I could have offered. They ran with Nana’s advice, and came home confident and assured in their new directions.

I too hired Nana to help me assess my work options at this stage in my life. After 3 meetings I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and the direction I want to pursue.
You can upload the video here as well.

Max M.

Max M.

Software Engineer In Transition

Working with Nana has been a huge help in shaping and clarifying my career path. I came to Nana doubting the direction I was heading in with my work. After a few years as a successful software developer, I felt stuck and wanted to better align my relationship-based personality type with my vocation. Nana offers fresh ideas and insights each time we meet. She encourages me that the best is still ahead in my work and to dream big. She also challenges me to take bold steps, such as shadowing professionals in my network, and meeting with those whose careers I admire.

Jayne H.

Jayne H.

Success Story

My 24-year-old daughter was unhappy in her first job out of college. She didn’t know what to do. Stay in this job, or think about changing employers. We hired Nana to help her find clarity about where she was with her career. Three to four meetings and Taylor was on her way into her next endeavor and very happy. Thanks, Nana for all your advice and confidence instilling ability. Your energy and enthusiasm is infections. Taylor was superwoman by the time she was finished with you!